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Currency from ATM

What is the maximum amount of Zloty can be withdrawn from an ATM in a day? Are the ATMs readily available throughout Krakow - especially at KRK.

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I pulled up to 1000 or so routinely. Yes they have them all over, just like any other European city.

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ATM limits set by the local banks may vary, and late on weekends or holidays ATMS may run out of money. I would stick with one of the listed withdrawal amounts - once I asked for a higher amount and crashed the ATM. Never got the cash and my bank was singularly unsympathetic. That was on a Friday night in Krakow, so now I try to avoid using ATMs outside of banking hours.

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Tip: Convert the local currency wherever you are to US Dollars, this does not have to be exact. This will give you your card's daily limit in the local currency (example, today $100 is 307 zloty, if your limit is $500, that's 1500 zl).

The ATM will likely have a lower limit, but that is per transaction. If this is not enough, this will not prevent you from obtaining more currency from another ATM until the total hits your bank card's daily limit. Keep in mind that your bank will probably be looking at this on their local time, which means that a 2AM withdrawal in Europe will likely be going against the previous day's limit.

I do not know how your bank operates, but my wife and I each have an ATM card on our account, each has a different number. Our daily limit is per card, so we can both withdraw the daily limit.

Also consider putting in an odd amount manually, e.g. 450 zloty rather than 500 in Poland, so that you don't get large bills that are hard to break for small purchases.

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Lew if you are coming from somewhere else in Europe, you can easily convert leftover Euro at the exchange offices (kantors) for Zloty. Unlike most countries, the kantors (all over the place) in Poland are considered reputable, and with exceptions of airport and high tourist areas, most give good rates.

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When it comes to limits, be careful.

On all of my trips so far, every time i use one my options for where i w/d the $$$ isnt listed. On all of the ATMs back home, i can access my savings, checking and CC for $$ w/d.

if yours is a "credit card" then you can do a cash advance. All of my w/d from ATMs were done as such so there is more fees/charges associated as such. Using cash advance w/d will probably allow you to w/d more $$. when i was in the UK last fall, i was able to w/d 400 BPS thats about ~ 640 USD. 300 USD over my daily limit thats when i had my "aha" moment.

on my trip this fall, i will be investigating more into if i can w/d from my savings/checking or if its strictly a "cash advance"

happy trails.

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But heed the standard caveat of using your credit card for a cash advance: that money is a loan which is charged your going interest rate from that day until it is repaid, with no grace period. It is even possible that your card's terms will mean you lose your grace period on purchases also.

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I have lived in Warsaw on an off since 2011. Though from California. As has been said ATM are everywhere in Poland.

Instructions can be had in English. Know you exchange rates before you go to withdraw as you will be asked in Zloty. Some show a rate of exchange.

I assume you are a traveler. So ATM withdrawal will be based on your home bank or credit card settings. If you get a local bank account the limit will be set by you and the bank.

I don't ever use cash exchange services as they like to tack on a fee. If you have some left over currency when you get home take it to your home bank like Wells Fargo they should not charge a fee to exchange.

I also wrote about this subject on my own blog last year.

Safe travels. Poland is great.

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I believe it is based on your allotted limit from your bank. Mine happens to be $500 daily, so at $0.33 per zloty, that works up to about 1500 zloty. I just withdrew 1450. To be slightly under my limit.

I've found some ATM's unwilling to accept my credit union ATM card, but after a few attempts at different ATM machines, I have always found one that will work....often with no problem at all. I'm sure there is a reason why some won't work, but I haven't bothered analyzing why.

I also find I get the very best exchange rates from the ATM machines from my bank account, rather than changing in airports, banks, etc with cash.