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Connection time in WAW - 1 hour 10 min enough?

I'm looking at a flight on LOT from Tallinn, arriving in Warsaw (WAW) at 9:35 am, connecting to Krakow (KRK) departing at 10:45 am (also on LOT). This will be on one itinerary. We will have a checked bag.

I'm not familiar with the Warsaw airport. Given the above, does this seem like a reasonable connection time, or too crazy tight?

Since we will be coming from Estonia, I'm assuming that there will be no significant immigration nor customs to clear - correct?
If that's the case, 1 hour 10 minutes might be OK (if WAW isn't very large/complicated) - connecting from one LOT flight to another.

FWIW, there are at least a couple more LOT flights from WAW too KRK later in the day, so if we do misconnect, they should be able to accommodate us (assuming there's space...).

The other option involves a 4 hour layover in WAW and a later afternoon arrival in Krakow.

Opinions on this connection? Thanks.

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Estonia and Poland are both in the Schengen area, so connecting in Warsaw should be like connecting to a domestic flight. (Disclaimer: I haven't actually flown through Warsaw.) Even so, if it's all on one ticket, I'm not sure why you wouldn't fly this way. If LOT sells you the ticket, it's a legal connection and you'll probably make it - and if not, as you say, they'll put you on the next flight. I certainly wouldn't plan a four hour layover unnecessarily if you probably won't need it.

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It should be fine. And if, as you say, for some reason you miss that connection, LOT will put you on the next one.

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The minimum connecting time between Schengen flights at WAW is 30 minutes so you have more than enough time. Schengen flights disembarking via jet bridge enter the Schengen departures area directly, there is no need to go through different levels, elevators, immigration, customs or security. All you need to is find your departure gate. If you are taken from the aircraft by bus, it takes a bit longer but it's still perfectly doable as long as your flight from Estonia isn't seriously delayed.

There are some tour companies that pick you up from the airport, take you around the city and then bring you back to the airport. Don't want to post commercial links, but I think that Warsaw Behind the scenes does it.

If you decide to do it alone it might be a little too tight, but I found this guide with a lot of things to do in Warsaw. Have fun!

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Warsaw airport is relatively small (compared to behemoths like JFK or Heathrow), and I found connecting there easy and fast. And I was arriving from New York and going to Krakow, so I had to go through immigration and security; you won't. In your situation, I'd definitely book the 70 minute connection.

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I had plenty of time in September to connect, even though I had to go through passport control on arrival.