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Connection flight in Krakow - 1hr 40min

On the 10/01/2020 me and my 4 year old are flying via Bristol to Krakow Airport and then I have to fly to Billund in Denmark. When arriving at Krakow I have 1hr 40min to collect luggage and check in on new flight.

It does not seem like a lot. Have anyone had similar time slot and if so can you please tell me of your experience?


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When is this flight? October happened 2 months ago.

Are you on a single booking or did you cobble together flights with different airlines?

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Oh apologies i meant year 2021 not 2020 😂 in Scandinavia we normally do day/month/year so it's 10/01/2021 (10th of January) :) I booked via and its with 2 different airline companies. Have you done similar trip? Cheers!

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I haven't flown into or out of Krakow, but the airport must surely be small, which can only help. However, airlines (especially budget airlines) sometimes have rigid rules requiring passengers to check in well before departure time. Have you checked the rules for your carrier? I'm guessing you're on WizzAir, a carrier I've never used.

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In the current situation, I would not do it. Too large risk for a cancelled or delayed flight and then you might be stranded somewhere. Since you mention different airlines, I assume Ryanair and Wizzair?

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The new airport is not large but because you have to collect and recheck luggage it may not be enough time. Try to change that flight reservation to one where you check bags straight through. the

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This language

present the printed boarding card at the gate with your travel documents no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time
if you hold non-EU travel documents, you need to present yourself at the check-in counter to have your documentation checked and your boarding card stamped
if you have baggage to drop off, go to the baggage drop desk no later than 40 minutes prior to departure

is found on the wizzair site----

Having weather in January that could cause flights to run late, is certainly a possibility.

Can you eliminate the checked bag(s)?

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Another thought.... Rather than the challenge of the Krakow transfer, with a 4 yr old in tow, I think I would look at taking the direct flight from Stansted to Billund . Could be easier to work out getting to Stansted, than dealing with the tension and possible delay of being stranded if you miss the connecting flight.

Hope whatever you choose works out