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Concentration Camp/WWII sites Itinerary round 2

I would appreciate feedback and suggestions on my plan for touring Poland July 17-Aug. 10.

17-Arrive by air 10:25 am. Taxi or bus to apartment to drop bag, then enter Schindler’s Factory 1pm.
18-Auschwitz study tour 9-3. Reservation to re-enter at 5pm if needed.
19-walking tour of Old Town/Jewish Quarter. Wawel Castle/ Cathedral etc.
20-Museum of Home Army, Jewish Kazimierz and Plaszow, ?

21- train Krakow to Radom to Lublin arriving noon. Drop bags at apt. and explore/walking tour
22- ?
23-Belzec death camp by bus to Zamosc to Belzec. Tour Zamosc and Rotunda after camp.
24- Majdanek

25-train to Gdansk arriving by noon. Drop bags and explore/walking tour
26- WWII museum 10-7
27- WWII museum 10-7
28- Stutthof concentration camp
29- Malbork Castle
30- Solidarity Center and Shipyard

31-train to Toruń : walking tour Old Town. Train to Warsaw
01-Warsaw Uprising Museum 8-8
03-Museum of the History of Polish Jews 10-8pm
04-Jewish Martyrdom and Struggle Memorial Route
10- Depart Warsaw-Frankfurt-SFO

03-Museum of the History of Polish Jews
10-Depart Warsaw to Frankfurt to SFO

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Are you interested in seeing the Polish Army/Military Museum in Warsaw since you have some blank days?

Good that you set aside 2 days for the WW2 museum in Gdansk, so would I. How about seeing Westerplatte and its poignant memorial while in Gdansk, say, after the Solidarity Center/Shipyard ?

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Are you flying in from the US or Canada? If so, are you sure you're going to be alert enough for the Schindler Factory on arrival day? I would not be.

The Home Army Museum is modern and English-accessible, but for me at age 66 the ground floor was too dark to be able to read a lot of the explanatory material. I wish I had thought to use the flashlight app on my cell phone. This may not be a problem for you; my vision is sub-par to begin with.

Warsaw's memorial-museum about the Katyn Massacre is also worthwhile. It takes some walking to get there from the nearest public transportation stop, or a taxi. It wasn't as quick a visit as I thought it would be, so I foumd myself rushing.

As I recall, I needed more time at the POLIN Museum than at the Warsaw Rising Museum, but in any case it's great to get an early start (something I fail at).

The Treblinka camp memorial can be visited from Warsaw by taking a train followed by a taxi. The cost was modest; I don't remember how much it was, but it was considerably less than Lonely Planet had suggested it would be. There will probably be at least one taxi waiting outside the train station, but don't dawdle in the station else it may depart, thinking there are no customers.

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Consider a day trip from Warsaw to Lódz for the impressive and moving Jewish cemetery, testimonial to one of the largest Jewish communities in this part of the world. You'll find this »Nowy cmentarz zydowski« north of the city centre, as shown on this map. Lódz is linked to Warsaw by frequent trains, the fast ones taking around 1,5 hrs.