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C-pap machine on overnight train from Kraków to Prague?

Awkward question: my partner and I carry c-pap machines when we travel. Can they be plugged in on an overnight train in private sleeper? We are flying into Kraków for 4 days and we're thinking the overnight train to Prague would be ideal if we can plug in. Otherwise, we would probably be booted off the train with our snoring? Any advice?

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I don't expect most standard night trains to have an adequate electrical plug. Private double sleepers that have a sink will usually have a designated Shavers-only receptacle, but those can't handle appliances that use more power. People are used to a certain amount of snoring on night trains (along with BO or people smoking out the window).

For your particular route, the Man in SEat 61 provides these links. The second link shows additional receptacles much more clearly than does the first link.

A smart modern air-conditioned Czech sleeping-car now operates this route, with 1, 2 & 3 bed compartments with washbasin. For more photos see A Czech couchette car also operates most of the year, usually a smart ex-ÖBB (Austrian Railways) one, see the photos at

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Laura, thank you for your information. Very helpful for making a decision on whether to take an overnighter or not.