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Budapest to Krakow overnight train

Hi all, not really sure which country forum to put this in!

I'm Looking at heading from Budapest to Krakow later this year by overnight train. Checking I can see a train that leaves Budapest Keleti at 10.05pm and arrives in Krakow at 7.08am, for €59 per person for a private sleeper, that suits us just fine.

However when I look at the train itinerary it looks as if there are three trains, #476 #406 #403 and that you have to change over twice during the night. Am I reading it correctly? Has anybody else done this trip and can say what it's like?

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If you buy a ticket to Kraków, you will be placed in a carriage that goes without any changes to Kraków ("through carriage"), not one that gets disconnected at Breclav or Bohumin and goes to Berlin, Prague or Warsaw (and lots of other places en route).

For more information go to the Polish railway site select Budapest Keleti - Kraków Główny, select the 20:05 train (not sure what date it departs at 10:05pm?), then "view full route" or "show intermediate stops" to see the arrival and departure times at each stop.

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In addition to the train destination posted on the platform, different cars of the train will also have destination boards on them. You'll have a reservation, but if you didn't that would help you to board the correct car. See also Getting on the Right Train.

In cases where you actually transfer trains yourself, DB and other train schedules will call out your arrival and departure times at that transfer city.

Replies are also running on the duplicate version of this question.

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Thanks everyone, looks like this will work out fine!

And thanks for picking up on the time, I'd mistaken 20.05 for 10.05pm! That could have been a big problem...