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Better mobile service provider in Gdansk, Poland

Hi all. I will be staying in Frankfurt, Germany and would be travelling to Gdansk, Poland frequently. For these short trips, i need a SIM card which i would switch to immediately as i get into Gdansk. I am looking for advice on which mobile operator to choose there keeping in mind the following points:

  • Tried Orange and it was the worst one. The 4G service works fine for browsing and downloads, but the coverage is bad and it keeps on disconnecting a lot and hence voice/video calls over internet are not possible. Anybody share the same pain or i should give it a second try ?
  • I will be using it primarily for Internet. So the service provider with better internet packs is preferred.
  • There is this rule where i need to get my SIM card activated by showing my passport, so whatever you are going to suggest, please consider how easy it would be for me to find its service center and get the SIM activated.