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Best Way to Visit Treblinka

My Great Aunt was murdered at Treblinka in the Holocaust and I am planning to visit there next month. I will have a car so I can get there from Warsaw where I will be staying the night prior. I see on their website that guided tours booked through the website are only conducted in Polish. Is there a self guided tour there that I could take or are their guides who speak English there that one can book? I will have about three or four hours available for this visit as I will need to be back in Warsaw by around 4 pm to return my rental car prior to taking the night train to Prague. Any advice about the best way for me to get a sense of the camp would be appreciated.

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If I wanted to visit Treblinka or Sobibor I would contact the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. They probably could refer you to a guide who could accompany you in your rental car.

Another alternative would be contacting the NYC Museum of Jewish Heritage, they have ties to the museum in Warsaw. An employee at the NYC museum assisted me in booking private tours of Krakow and Auschwitz a few years ago. She is no longer at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, but they have resources for your quest.

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Dianne's ideas are excellent.

I went to Treblinka last year by train + taxi, so the trip will be much easier for you. I am nearly certain there was an English audio guide available. Either that or excellent signage in English. There's also an introductory film either in English or subtitled in English. Sorry to be vague, but this was one stop on a 4-1/2 month trip. Poland has done an exceptional job of making its sights English-accessible, but clearly a private, well-informed, guide would be very beneficial at Treblinka.

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Thanks to both of you. I'd prefer to find a guide locally so I'll explore that, perhaps through Dianne's ideas. And, I appreciate knowing there is an audioguide available.

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Hi Christobel!

It's good that you're coming to see this place. Pity to read about your Great Aunt.

You can contact as many Jewish Insitutions as you can possibly find but... Treblinka has no English speaking guide on the spot. Museum is constantly looking for English spekaing guide for a few months now. So far they didn't hire anyone.

In June 2019 I was there translating a local polish speaking guide - a Museum worker with huge knowledge and sensitivity. It worked out perfectly as she has shown us both camps.
Not many people realise that there were 2 camps there - both: labour & extermination camp.
Going around Treblinka on your own is a bit waste of time as you're looking a lot of the experience on the spot.

Some guides in Warsaw are skilfful enoguh to make a visit in Treblinka a memorable one.
My 2 guests from UK both agreed that Treblinka made a much bigger impression on them than Auschwitz, which we have visted few days later. I would strongly suggest you to get a guide - regardless a person from Warsaw, or someone to translate a Museum guide on the spot.

On my private tour - I am a private guide in Poland - I have combined a visit in Tykocin, Jedwabne & Treblinka.

But it was a 2 week long private journey around Poland: "IIWW tour" which we started in Gdansk.

sorry for such long post. I am hoping that I have help a bit in the subject :)