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Best way to get to Krakow from Prague

What is the best way to get from Prague to Krakow? Train, bus, airline?

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I took the train between the two. Not sure what constitutes 'best' for you. The train is faster than the bus but will cost more. I'm not fond of buses for long distances and prefer being able to get up and walk around. Flying will take about the same amount of time as train but not as convenient. Here are the options on

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Ryan Air has a couple of non stops per week, taking about 1+05 between the two cities. Pretty cheap too, even with the ala cart pricing for bags, etc. Might check them out to see if there's a fit before you commit to the train.

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One advantage traveling in east-central Europe is that a good number of the major cities, obviously, capitals included, are connected by the EN or NJ night train. This applies to going from Krakow to Prague, so you're in luck, if you want to consider doing the EN night train option, arrival is a bit after 7 am....ideal for me.

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My wife and I faced the same question - our solution was booking a driver via for our upcoming trip on April 26. The cost seems very reasonable to me for the driver to pick us up at our Prague hotel and drive just us directly to our Krakow hotel. The trip is estimated to take just over 5 hours. All reviews I have read are very positive so I am hopeful that it will be as advertised.