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Best store in Krakow for Polish pottery

Looking for the biggest selection and the best prices for polish pottery in or near Krakow???

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I had refrained from responding as my information is rather vague, but seeing no other responses I've decided it might have some value to you.

We visited Poland (Wroclaw, Boleslawiec, and Krakow) for the first time in Aug 2017. My spouse loves Polish pottery, and so after landing in Wroclaw and spending two enjoyable days there, we drove to Boleslawiec and stayed two nights during the annual pottery festival. We departed with a couple of (Rick Steves) wheeled suitcases stuffed with pottery.

In Boleslawiec my wife loaded up on the designs and brands she most likes. Then we drove to Krakow, turned in our rental car, and stayed five nights in the Kazimierz district.

In exploring Krakow we came across two stores that sold only Polish pottery. Given our haul in Boleslawiec, we weren't looking for such stores. Nonetheless, I failed in my attempt to persuade my wife to NOT enter either of these stores.

The prices were higher than Boleslawiec (but of course much lower than in US), and the selection less. Nonetheless, my wife did make a purchase of a very nice piece at one of these stores.

The store where she made the purchase was located in the Cloth Hall in the Main Market Square.
The only thing I remember about the other store is that my wife found the selection less attractive, and she made no purchase; it was located on a street that leads from the Main Market Square towards the Barbican. I believe it was either SW Jana or Florianska street, though it could have been Slawkowska.

Best of luck to you!

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I'm bookmarking this thread. I love pottery! I will be in Poland in Sept. on a RS "Dress Rehearsal" tour. We will be in Krakow for 3 nights, then I'm adding days post-tour as well. Hope to buy some pottery for my collection.

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The shopping in Krakow is so much fun. We didn’t buy the pottery because of the weight, but we did enough damage with wood carvings. Also the beautiful, colorful collages they make. I purchased one and had it framed at home. Cloth hall has a wide variety of items. We went through there 3 times, we were in Krakow for 7 days. We felt that everything was extremely affordable so we didn’t worry about over paying a few euros.

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Naturally the prices in stores are more then the factory, but add car rental and time from Krakow, we bought in Krakow and mailed our purchases home. Excellent packaging, nothing was broken and we didn’t need to haul it around.