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Hi, I'm visiting Krakow in July, I'm trying to reserve a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau. On the website there is no way to select a day and make a reservation as far as July. Does this mean they are sold out (i.e. the date cannot be selected) or does this mean they just don't release the tickets until a certain date i.e. you cannot reserve six months in advance?

Thank you, Monica

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I would guess it is too far in advance.
Our hotel made our arrangements, a small van for transportation, 6-8 passengers, and then we were met by one of the Auschwitz staff's English speaking guides. As soon as we made our hotel reservation they asked us if we wanted to visit Auschwitz.

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You can reserve approx. 90 days before your visit on the website. We chose to use a tour group that picked us up at the hotel instead of doing it ourselves. We went last May, and it rained the entire time. I am really glad that we took the tour even though we could have taken the bus or train ourselves.

We are normally pretty independent but this experience required us to have a guide anyway. It was well done and powerful but not "overwhelming." That may be because I've been to other camps and am a WWII historian.

Check out the weather before you go.

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I found the Auschwitz site to be straight forward and easy to use (compared to other Polish sites). I agree that you are probably too early. Try putting in a closer date and see if that works.

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I am in exactly your position, and my conclusion is they don't make tickets available until about 90 days in advance.