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Auschwitz 6 hour Study Tour

I've read a lot online about the regular 2.5 and 3.5 hour tours at Auschwitz but can cannot find details about what is included in the 6 hour Study Tour. We want to get as much information as possible while there. We can reserve any of the Museum's tours or tour the site independently. We just need information about which way will give us the most comprehensive tour. Any information about experiences, particularly with the 6 hour Study Tour, will be very much appreciated. Also, if we take the 6 hour tour, what is not included and we might visit beforehand by arriving early at 7:30am, before our guided tour begins? Thanks in advance!

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Google....Auschwitz 6 hour study tour. There are several sites talking about it. I have not done 6 hours. I think the standard 3 hour tour is quite informative. Upon reviewing the 6 hour tour, I don't think you see much more than the 3 hour tour. I am a visual person and couldn't stay focused for 3 additional hours of a guide talking about anything, especially in the technology age where I can read about things on my own. I hope the tour meets your needs. Good luck.

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Thank you. I only searched the official site for a tour description. I will do a Google search for descriptions. Why didn't I think of that?!

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I took the study tour several years ago and it was definitely worth it. I had a private 1-1 tour with the head guide, whose father had been a Polish inmate at Auschwitz throughout the war and then was museum director for many years. I studied on my own before my trip, read many books and articles. I was well prepared for what the tour entailed, and the shorter tours definitely wouldn't have been enough in depth for me.

The 6 hour tour was barely enough time, I could have visited more of the country museums at Auschwitz I, if I had more time. My guide was extraordinarily knowledgeable and sensitive, he told me he only does tours in English, which I found interesting. Be prepared for a very sobering experience, I needed down time the next day after my visit.

You can send me a PM if you want more specifics. My guide took guidance from what I told him I wanted to see, as it would take more than a full day to see everything.