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August 15 holiday

August 15 is Assumption of Mary, a national holiday in Poland. Also it is Polish Army Day. From what I've been able to find out, things like banks and government offices are closed. What about restaurants? We will be in Przemysl at that time, staying in an apartment, I'm wondering if we should buy some extra groceries along with whatever we buy to have for breakfast, to have something for dinner that day?
Is it the kind of holiday like Christmas, when people spend the time with family, or are there things going on in the community that people can attend?

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I can only say something on Aug 15 (Catholic holiday) and businesses based on what I experienced in south Germany, ie, Bavaria. There will be closed businesses, better to stock a little bit. Expect restaurants to be closed too from what I have seen in Vienna on Catholic holidays in May.

Great that you're seeing Przemysl, a historical place. It was wrecked in 1914 when it was the strategic objective by the Russians in their invasion of Galicia, real horrific blood-letting in the first couple of months (Aug to Sept) of WW1 on the Eastern Front.

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I have no experience with this specific holiday, but I cannot imagine restaurants being closed. (There is a more than reasonable place on the Rynek.)
Why don't ask them when you arrive? They speak English.
While in Przemysl, have a look at the railway station. A beautifully restored building from the Austrian days.

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"A beautifully restored building from the Austrian days." That in itself is only one of the reasons for visiting Przemysl aside from the historical reasons.