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Anyone familiar with Wroclaw Travel Agent Tomasz Stefanko?

I’m trying to schedule a day tour of some of the wooden churches in Silesia in September 2018. Tomasz Stefanko was highly recommended by someone on Trip Advisor but they didn’t provide any contact for Tomasz. Does anyone have a contact info, webpage, text address, or email would be welcome. Have another tour guide recommendation? Any comments about the itinerary?

Tomasz has a Linked-in resume but I cannot get his contact info unless I pay $70 US dollars.

I did a lot of Googling and developed this itinerary to find out mileage and approximate travel time. If this tour is too ambitious I’d probably omit Ksiaz Castle.

Total time spent in the car for round trip, approximately 5 hours), excludes time for actual sightseeing.

Wroclaw to Swidnica (Peace Church)
Swidnica to Walbrzych (Ksiaz Castle)
Walbrzych to Karpacz (Wang Church, Norwegian Pine construction Nordic Romanesque )
Karpacz to Jawor (Peace Church)
Jawor back to Wroclaw

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Try, Individual, licensed tour guides are on the website with tours all over Poland and other countries. We have used them many times in various countries and have never been disappointed. They work with you to form an itinerary.

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There's a Tomasz Stefanko on Facebook who lives in Wroclaw - of course, it may not be the same one (can you see his picture and verify?) I suppose you could send him a FB message and see if he responds!

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Thanks folks but so far not the right person. Tomasz on Facebook, is an artist. Tours by Local didn’t list Tomasz Stefanko. T

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In case you can't find a guide or driver getting you there and you don't want to drive yourself, with some careful planning you can visit the wonderful churches in Swidnica and Jawor by train. I found the Jawor church, although the less visited one, the most impressive. I did it two weeks ago with Legnica as a base, which was a straightforward affair. From Wroclaw it would take some more time, but still very doable.
Use the train planner of the Polish railways PKP. I get the impression connections in the weekends are much better than on weekdays, but please check it yourself close to your travelling date.

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Pick someone else from toursbylocals. They are all vetted and licensed.