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Airbnb in Krakow?

I'm wondering why airbnbs are so inexpensive in Krakow, compared to,, and every hotel i look at. I am finding adorable one bedroom apts in old town for less than $30 USD in October... with perfect reviews and superhost! Am I missing something? I do have a lot of experience with airbnb in several countries and have had nothing but positive experiences.

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No, you're not missing anything (plus you're going there off-season, which only helps). Poland is simply quite inexpensive (also due to exchange rate between USD and Polish Zloty) and people don't want to "price themselves out" by being the only one with an outlier high rate (plus, I bet locals also stay at Airbnb and they need to afford it too). On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can also find some of the best priced 4-star business hotels in Warsaw than any other European capital, especially on weekends. So if you're one who would like a splurge, then you can splurge more cheaply in Poland. Krakow is likely one of the more expensive cities due to the high tourism.

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I've recently rented AirBnBs across Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Krakow).

AirBnBs in Poland are insanely cheap. It's easy to find an entire apartment right in the city center for $20-$30 a night.

I actually believe Krakow was the most expensive city that I rented in. Warsaw in particular has tons of modern, high-quality apartments for extremely cheap rates.

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I just rented a brand new studio for $50 per night in Krakow in late April. Locals are buying older apartments and renovating them for vacation rentals. Hotels aren't as cheap, unless they are inconveniently located.