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701st Anniversary of coronation of Władysław I Łokietek as King of Poland

It was on 20 January of 1320 that Władysław I Łokietek became King of Poland, with the consent given by Pope John XXII.
He was quite the political maneuverer, rivaling the intrigues of the better-known royalty of the West.
He managed to incorporate a lot of territory into what we think of as Greater Poland, including Gdansk and Pomerania.

He might be considered a poster child for the Napoleon complex or small-man syndrome four hundred years ahead of its namesake - his nickname was Ladislaus the Short or the 'Elbow-High', although some historical linguists speculate that a better English equivalent would be Ladislaus the Petty.ładysław_I_Łokietek

Legend holds that he was in Rome for the celebration of the Great Jubilee of 1300.
He was interred in the Krakow cathedral (after he died) in March of 1333.

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I had no idea it was 600+ years between Pope John XXII and Pope John XXIII.