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3 hour layover in Warsaw...

Any chance to step out for a quickie visit?

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From the airport or the train station?

Airport tram leaves once an hour and takes 20 minutes; if you miss one in bothe directions, you have about 30 minutes left. A taxi takes 11 minutes.

Train station: you have to check your luggage and then retrieve it - so you might have two hours.

If your plane or train is late, you would have practically no time.

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Is it practical? Your luggage may be checked through, but you might have to go through Polish immigration and security (depending on where your trip originates.) It also takes time to get from the runway to the terminal and de-plane. When you reverse the process, you have to allow time for airport security, and on trans-Atlantic flights for security at the departure lounge. And American-based airlines in particular are rigid about wanting you in the airplane, not just the airport, at least a half-hour before stated departure time.