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Where to stay in Warsaw--both hotel/Airbnb and Neighborhood

I will be a volunteer at an English immersion in Poland this summer for 3 weeks. I will be at the program from Sunday to Friday afternoons staying outside of Warsaw at their accommodations. I am trying to book where to stay for the Friday and Saturday nights for the 4 weekends surrounding that time.

I have stayed in Airbnbs, so I am open to that. Really, anything except hostels. At the program, the volunteers share a room, so on the weekends, I want some privacy and a place to relax. I have been to Warsaw previously and seen the tourist sites so I don't necessarily need to be near the Old Town. What I need most of all is access without a lot of stairs. Of the not-highest price recommendations in RS Warsaw part of guides, it specifically mentions (lots and lots) of stairs due to a bad knee. I am thankful for those honest reviews/comments! Last time in Warsaw I stayed in an Airbnb that was on up 6 flights of stairs and on the top floor of the building. I was there in July and it was record hot temperatures. As many know, no a/c in lots of central Europe. With the heat rising, I literally woke up one night from a dream imagining I was suffocating. (Also, no fan in that apt.)

I would be happy to stay in a neighborhood not so near the tourist areas. I would prefer something near good tram/bus transportation (not metro, again the stairs/knee factor). The program's bus picks us up and drops us off near the Centrum (Centralna Train Station area). That is a main transportation hub.

Thankful for any feedback, either positive or negative, on where you have stayed in Warsaw.


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I have one possibility for you: the Chopin Boutique B&B. Ignore the "Boutique" part; the décor is not special. I suspct it's a bit overpriced by Warsaw standards, but I am not sure, because it's the only place I've ever stayed in the city. The advantages of the Chopin are that it has a lift and is located a short walk from what Rick calls "Palm Tree Circle". The airport bus stop is 3 or 4 blocks away, and there are trams or buses heading in at least 3 directions at roughly the same distance. I remember walking somewhat farther to pick up a bus on one occasion, but I thought the B&B was in a decent location for someone who didn't necessarily want to be right near the Old Town. It's in Rick's book, but I bumped into it on

There are lots of restaurant options within 3 or 4 blocks. There's a small corner market across the street from the B&B, but you must be careful there. I used a credit card for my purchase, and while I was trying to puzzle out the US dollars / zloty screen (which was all in Polish), the checker reached around to the front of the device and chose dollars. There was no one in line behind me waiting to check out, so this was clearly a money grab. If you don't speak Polish, I'd recommend paying cash for any purchases there. And stay on your toes in general; dynamic currency conversion seems to be making inroads in Poland.

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The first time we were in Warsaw (July 2001), we stayed in an apt , not AirBnB back only time using apt as an accommodation option. The Mrs. handled those details on the trip planning for Poland, wanted an apt., and chose an apt located in Old Town...very satisfactory. Not my options, apt, AirBnB, etc. when I travel solo.

My apt was not quite as high, maybe 3 flights of stairs (?) but true, it did not have A/C, which I didn't even think of at the time, and no fan. True, no A/C in lots of central Europe. My Pension in Berlin doesn't offer that either, and no fan but then it is a 2 star place. You don't expect A/C in a 2 star place in Germany.

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I don't know if this will strike your fancy or budget, but business hotels are very well-priced on the weekends - it's unusual to get that kind of standard for the price at any Euro capital city. Maybe it's worth the (standardized) comfort, A/C, and working elevators (and perhaps views)? As you probably know, most of the business hotels are quite close to Centrum. Radisson Blu is a good example.

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I second Agnes’s recommendation to check out the business class hotels. While it was a number of years ago (2012), I stayed in a very luxurious room at the Intercontinental for quite a low rate. I got a bus pass and used the bus to get around.

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Thanks for the replies so far. Chopin B&B looks great, but it was more than I want to spend. It used to be called just "Boutique B&B" when I saw it first in RS Eastern Europe 5 years ago--but the price has gone up with the change in name :)

Great idea to check the business hotels for a weekend price drop. I hadn't run that idea. I stayed at the Tulip near the Centrum 4 years ago for an unexpectedly check price for a Saturday night that I thought was just a lucky booking, but makes sense that there could be a price drop on the weekends for otherwise pricey business hotels.

I don't require a/c (and know that most hotels that are not business class would have it). It's just being up on the top floor of the apartment building, with all the heat rising (and no fan) has made me more aware of not being on an upper floor both for the stairs and the heat rising.

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I always stayed at the Hotel Mazowiecki. It's around the corner and a couple of blocks off Nowy Swiat. I was last there in 2010, and based on the website it looks like some of the rooms have gotten a bit of a facelift. I remember the breakfast being pretty good. There are stairs going up to the (high) second floor, but I'm almost positive there's an elevator. The hotel is nothing fancy, but it's clean, the staff was helpful, and if all you need is a place to sleep, it's a good deal. I just did a dummy reservation and a single with outside bath from July 5-7 is 240zl. I had an outside bath once and it was no problem. But obviously an en suite one is preferable. Perhaps one is available on your exact dates, or you could contact the hotel directly. It's about a 20 minute walk to the train station. I'm afraid I don't know how to get there by bus or other public transportation, as I either walked or was so loaded down with luggage that I took a taxi. I do remember the taxi being pretty inexpensive.

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@Allison, thanks for your comments. Hotel Mazowiecki is on my short list and it is helpful to have your comments. Being an RS sort of traveler, I prefer to go with small local-type hotels rather than cookie-cutter chains. It does look like it is in a great location. I think the tram from the centrum will go rather near (and I know last time that is where the bus from the Modlin Airport dropped us, in the parking lot of the Palace of Culture & Science). I can hack going up and down to the 2nd floor, but some of the ones reviewed in RS guide talked about multiple floors (though my knee always likes an elevator, especially with luggage). I am stuck between wanting more of a local experience and price--and getting that with an elevator is turning out to be not so probable. I have never worried about having an elevator before. Appreciate the response :)

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We stayed in a business hotel, as Agnes suggested. It was close to the Centrum. It was clean, quiet and very cheap on the weekend. We also stayed at the Chopin Boutique Hotel, which was fine, but I would not stay there again. I thought it was expensive for what we got, although the breakfast was nice.

We ordinarily don’t stay in business hotels, but for a weekend, that would be my choice in Warsaw. The price differential was the deal maker for us. We were there last summer.

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We stayed at the Sheraton just south of the palm trees, at a great rate. Its on the edge of the embassy district, I think. It had the most impressive breakfast buffet I've ever been to. Not exactly immersed in the local culture, but it was a great place to stay. From there you can walk the Royal Way all the way to the Old Town, passing a zillion restaurants and the trendy Foksal street area, as well as some of the main attractions.