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Restaurant recommendations in Krakow?

Are there any great restaurants for lunch or dinner in Krakow? We will have our kids ages 11, 10 and almost 8 but they are not picky eaters! Thank you for your help!

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Where are you staying? Don't know what qualifies as great, but in the Market area, I remember two: Babcia Malina (Grandma Raspberry) and Kogli-Mogli. Download the guide "In Your Pocket: Krakow" or visit the website where there is an interactive map you can use to see maps showing many restaurants all over. I don't remember names, but if you are visiting the Kazimierz area (the old Jewish quarter), there is a historic street called Szeroka Street that is lined with restaurants, including Yiddish and Israeli options, besides the Polish and cosmopolitan ones.

There was a lot of street food in the market square area. Skip the local version of "pizza". There is an interesting deli called Krakowski Kredens that sells sausages and sandwiches for an inexpensive lunch.

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Pod Aniolami is in a historic building with a large fireplace where meats are grilled. The food was delicious, lamb chops extra special, and I loved having a baked apple included on my dinner plate.

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I had a few meals from the stands in the rynek glowny--main square--that were simple and excellent, if you like grilled meat and potatoes and beer as much as I do. I also ate at Cyclops pizza, recommended in Rick's book and really very good. My favorite find was called Antler Poutine & Burger, on Wislna 8, a side street near the main square. I was in the mood for a burger and it was perfectly done, and the fries and poutine were great as well. I know--who goes to Poland for burgers--but I figure it's my vacation and I'll eat whatever strikes my fancy. I hope you love Krakow as much as I did.

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For breakfast or lunch: Polskie Smaki, at Świętego Tomasza 5, in the Old Town.

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Anne beat me to it. Polsie Smaki ("Polish flavors") was definitely my favorite place to eat in Krakow. It's half the price of other restaurants and was delicious. I found it in Rick's 2012 edition of his Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk book, but it has been removed from the most recent edition. I don't know why (I was there in 2013), but it was definitely better than restaurants that remain in the book (and, again, cost more, as they were more formal).

My other favorite has also been removed. It's Aqua e Vino, which had delicious high end Italian food at much lower prices than comparable quality would cost in Italy, not to mention New York City.