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Another Vote For Krakow Driver Andrew Durman (& Associate Karol)

Based on the recommendations and reviews for Kraków driver/guide Andrew Durman, we requested him in late December 2022 for a genealogy day trip to Gorlice and villages SE of there. (Trip would be 5 months later.)

Communication couldn't have been better. We got our first choices of days and had a great email back-and-forth based on the documentation I had.

Unfortunately, just several days before our trip, Andrew had to withdraw, but he assigned another driver, Karol. Karol was on time, a smooth driver through the tight, winding roads, and dogged in trying to find helpful evidence. He had a way of talking with people, and what little Polish I know wouldn't have cut it.

While at times it was a surreal adventure (e.g. talkative locals trying to send us to lookalike, still-standing old farmhouses instead of focusing on land/church records of confirmed addresses; a grumpy parish pastor who wouldn't let us see a visiting priest who might be a relative), the nearly 12-hour day fulfilled a bucket-list item: seeing my great-grandfather's farm, with a bonus of meeting a relative (grandmother's cousin's daughter) who knew my family well.

We were also able to stop for storks and a wooden church en route.

Recommend Karol and Andrew heartily!

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Wow. Great experience. We hear nothing but good things about Andrew and his company on this forum.

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We tried to book Andrew a few years ago but he was busy. He recommended another driver who was wonderful. We were going from krakow to Częstochowa to Wroclaw. Was on time, clean car, nicely dressed, steady driver, translated for us in Częstochowa, he was wonderful. So even if Andrew is busy, his recommendations are great.

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I can't find any contact information for Andrew. His website is no longer in use. Or perhaps contact for Karol?. Any help is appreciated.

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I contacted Karol-- sent by Andrew for our late-May 2023 trip-- to ask about his his and Andrew's current statuses. No reply in two weeks. I will post any updates.