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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Traveling to Great Britain in June and would feel safest blending in
bleejohns 37
blimey32 9
I've Reached The "Age of Enlightenment"
blue439 67
Where to get those TSA approved toiletry bags?
bmiskimens 21
Affordable travel clothes? (wrinkle free, fast-drying, etc)
bmiskimens 51
No Show socks
Boatharbour 27
How to Carry Two Bags When Neither Have Wheels
Bob 19
Cool Weather
Bob 6
VA supplied medicines
boblhed 9
Checking bags at Napoli Central, should we leave passports with bags to keep with us
bobsilver83 9
Tips on "Packing Thin"
bodo 19
Traveling Thin
bodo 23
Spinners -- The Four-Wheel Fantasy
bodo 49
North Face 22” wheelie at REI, 50%
bogiesan 2
Long list of packing notes
bogiesan 21
Packing List, Male, 65 years
bogiesan 8
Umbrellas, really.
bogiesan 7
Women’s packing list and product recommendations
bogiesan 5
Oh,no! I’m one of them.
bogiesan 29
How much can you stand to know about packing cubes?
bogiesan 5
Mattias packs for 3 days in Paris
bogiesan 1
REI: Some Patagonia on sale, 30%
bogiesan 0
Downsides of checking your bags
bogiesan 42
My Journey to Carryon-Only
bogiesan 26
Another book to bring?
bogiesan 7
Some will never pack lightly
bogiesan 33
Matador travel containers (in RS shop)
bogiesan 3
Bag shopping? See REI (USA)
bogiesan 4
Not traveling so sorted out the travel gear
bogiesan 25
Le Grand Derriere fanny pack returns
bogiesan 12
REI deal: Osprey Porter 46 travel pack (2021.04.22 only)
bogiesan 20
Osprey Packs sale (USA, 20121-05-21 to 05-31)
bogiesan 6
Osprey 38L wheelie $100 @ REI (details below)
bogiesan 15
REI Deal o'the Day
bogiesan 3
CostcoNext: possible values
bogiesan 3
2022.07.11: RS Spinner carryon 30% off
bogiesan 1
Food52 reviews some carryons
bogiesan 3
Bored ... Evaluated and weighed everything. Again.
bogiesan 16
Compression cubes are great till they aren't
bogiesan 29
Reminder: Check your ID expiration dates
bogiesan 3
Men: Need to dress up?
bogiesan 18
Quick bag survey at Denver
bogiesan 26
Costco (Dec 05) Nomatic bag sale (probabl USAonly
bogiesan 17
The Filson Duffle Pack: 46L of carry-on goodness
bogiesan 4
Using Apple's AirTag in luggage
bogiesan 15
Female-focused packing and travel videos
bogiesan 10
Clothing for the shorter guy
bogiesan 5
Re: Checked Bags Getting Lost in European Travel- How common this year?
Bonnie 16
Montreal/Quebec City mid- December Packing List for a Week?
Bon voyage! 12
Checked luggage w/ multiple airlines
bp0730 8