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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Rick's Secure Moneybelt VS Pickpocket Proof Pants
mrbob2ubuddy 22
Questioning my packing plans
SandraL 19
Travel Hat????
Bridget 21
A Good Tip to Lighten up your Luggage when you return home...If you read....
wynstep 16
Do I need to bring long pants to Italy in the summer? Fleece jackets?
northwestern 22
RS or other Rolling Backpacks
Vick Vega 22
halfdozmom 19
An interesting perspective on packing......
Ken 22
Sleeveless, knees showing, FitFlops.
pfussel 21
RTW Trip for 1 year SUITCASE HELP!
moriahineurope 20
Best travel pillow?
livegreen27 21
Time for a new bag?
Marie 22
Mid-trip packing notes to self:
Shelley 22
Paris in winter: stylish yet comfortable and practical winter clothing options for women
Packy 20
Checklist... a letter of consent if only one parent is traveling
casperthegm 22
Luggage tags- for independant self directed travel
flowerfun 22
Wearing money belt on airplane? Confused.
NC tourist 22
Lush Shampoo Bar
Diane 22
How Much Difference Will 10 Liters Make for Me?
Kim 22
Will these bags work for our travel party of 3?
PandaBear 22
Best carry on for a 7 years old girl
bucephale 22
Womens Light Weight summer clothes finds for 2019
LF 21
Travel clothes for Plus Sized woman (2x) for days with highs of 70F
Leaves of Green 21
little black dress?
rizell 22
Packing success (mostly)
BethFL 20
Packing for Winter Travel
Ricki 21
Neck pillows for flight and train
Ricki 21
neck pillow to pack clothes in -- UPDATED -- REVIEW
horsewoofie 22
My favorite Patagonia rain jacket on sale at REI
Lola 22
Portable Electric Toothbrush
Frank II 22
Recent Trip MVP's (most valuable pieces)
Nancy 22
2 Wheels or 4?
Larry 22
Luggage with built-in locks
1885BD 19
Men’s Travel capsule.
Lulu348 22
Best of Rome in early May: what to wear , what not to wear for men and women?
edgefield 22
Crossbody or Small Backpack? for 14 day Europe
kartalcott 20
Favorite Zip-Top Tote
Sun-Baked in... 22
luggage lock - yeah or nay
schillpaw 21
Silly question - hairdryer recommendation :)
anamkranzlin 22
jjkc 22
Trip Preparation - Phase One
Wanderer 22
Ideal travel bra
epltd 21
Packing for river cruise
lisahba 22
Packing “Lessons Learned” from one month in Europe
Jean 22
Luggage Mishaps (or Hard Choices about Carry On)
TexasTravelmom 22
Lost... and Found!
Moomin 22
Ladies- packing for springtime Europe
Charity 22
Are shorts really too casual for England?
acady 19
Really disappointed with RS classic back door bag
Anna 22
Confused about money belt versus storage in hotel room
lisaew 21