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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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100% merino wool tops at Costco
Mardee 12
10 months study abroad in a carry on???
janicejacobs87 6
15 Year Old RS Convertible Backpacks
DougMac 5
16” Roller Bag that will fit under airline seat?
Kathy 19
199th Anniversary of Mackintosh raincoats
avirosemail 8
1 pound camping air mattress used on top of hard mattress was priceless
northwestern 3
2016 summer trip clothing observations in Europe
fireman-175 58
2022.07.11: RS Spinner carryon 30% off
bogiesan 1
21" Rolling Carry-on Bag is actually 18", Smaller than Advertised
jonahwy 24
21" Rolling carry-on bags are too small
jbryceland 62
21 versus 25" spinners on Italy's trains
21x14x9 Suitcases That Aren’t
heather 16
21 year old Female Traveling June --> August. Need help packing!
katie 13
22 inch backpack and 21.65 inch max height -- will it be allowed?
Ruth 6
22" versus 19.5"backpack
nirachundru 10
22" Wheeled Duffel bag as carry on luggage
LeonardoNYC 19
23” tall technical hiking backpack as a carry-on…
jasonindenver 14
25 Best Gifts for Traveler's
Janis 25
26 days to go - when do you start packing?
advocatecare 19
2 in 1 day pack
Joseph 11
2 jeans only…too light?
Wray 30
2 week trip to Scotland in September
gmyatovich 8
2 wheels, 4 wheels, soft, hard or just hoist it on your back?
Mr É... 11
2 Wheels or 4?
Larry 22
30 day supply of multivitamins
sgarrison 16
30L v 40L backpack
Donna 9
3-1-1- bag
bsfmtb 5
3-1-1 still enforced?
janetabbott01 49
3-1-1 & TSA: Do I have this right?
GypsyRover 6
32 Degree multimedia jacket
cj-traveler 5
32 Degrees Cool Pants
Debra 12
32 Degrees ladies’ knit pull on pants
travel4fun 10
3 weeks osprey Fairview 40 UPDATE ****
doric8 19
40 L backpack/suitcase suggestions
Victoria 28
4-wheel spinner luggage
Sharon 4
4-Wheel Spinner or Two Wheel Carry-on for Traveling in Italy?
Laura 16
5 pounds too heavy
Nelly 17
5 week train trip, luggage and packing worries!
pamraitt 46
6 Days in Edinburgh: Packing Report
NancyG 14
6 weeks-did the best to keep weight down on packing
SJS 11
7kg feels impossible
melmay14 45
8kg Carryon Baggage Weight Limit
maryam 26
8 KG weight limit
BethFL 30
AAA packing class had a few surprises…….
Carol now... 28
A big THANK YOU to this community!
Geraldine 7
Ably Apparel: Anyone tried it?
Lane 19
About the RS clothesline...
mgkrall 9
A Cautionary Tale on Lost Passports and Packing EARLY
Claire89 25
Adapter for France, Italy and Switzerland
Adding a USB port to a softside bag?
Karen 3