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Carry on backpack question: Eagle Creek Tour Travel 40L

Yes, another carry on question. I have been reading all the threads and digging around on here, but haven't seen one pack mentioned. My current go-to is an Osprey Fairview 40L. I like it fine, but I don't need all the separate skinny compartments it offers, they are a bit irritating to me now as I feel they just eat into usable space; and while the waistbelt is nice if you have to walk a decent distance I don't find I need it that much. Only if I have to scurry (read: run), as it prevents the pack from bouncing. I do like the chest strap to help my shoulders though.

So I'm looking to find something else. (I have a wheeled carry on, I prefer not to use it) I am looking at an Eagle Creek Tour Travel Pack 40L. I think this must be a new offering, as there are no reviews on it. It looks like what I am after, as it has the option to tuck the belt away nicely and is very streamlined (I admit to liking a very streamlined look.) There's not many pictures of it open however, nor much information on it.

Has anyone used this? Any other suggestions for a pack with minimal pockets or openings? I use compression cubes and am very organized and minimal in my packing.

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I have used many Eagle Creek products without any negatives.

That being said, Eagle Creek is going through a transition period. The company was scheduled to shut down but it was bought at the last minute. It changed hands in January and no one is sure how things are operating.

If you have an REI or Camping store near you, they will usually carry these packs. Patagonia is another company that makes those types of packs.

You could also visit Carryology. They review all types of backpacks. It's a good site.

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Thank you Frank- I most recently worked for REI for almost a decade, here at the Spokane store and am very familiar with EC (and Patagonia.) I did not know they had been bought though.

It seems these days our REI carries nothing- I guess I can withstand a trip back to see if I like, first verifying it is in stock. I just generally try to avoid it these days. :)

I’m thinking this is a brand new item.

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Thank you Mardee, that is a great review! I use those same compression sacks, although I usually only take one for all my clothes. Very helpful!

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If you like Osprey - have you considered the Porter

I bought it last year but unfortunately haven't been able to use it for serious travel yet - just some short local trips. I like that its one big compartment but there is some organisation (sepeate liquids grfab pocket, laptop compartment a couple of others). It sounds big - but as I've only been doing short trips - it works really well 1/2 packed and clinched down.

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I don't have an affinity to Osprey. I do use their Exos for my usual backpack in the mountains, but I don't care for the Porter. Glad you like though! (a 46L is more than I need also)

Hi Aimee,
I looked up the EC tour pack. Be aware that it comes in 2 sizes based on torso length. I find 40 liters to be just right for me as a 5’5” female. (You can measure your torso with a tape ruler. Start at the large knob on the base of your neck and extend the tape ruler to almost the bottom of your lumbar area. Do it a few times and take the average.)

There is the eagle creek migrate duffel as an economical, basic alternative. I like the simplicity of the migrate. The migrate is fine if you are only transporting your bag around the airport and to your hotel. The tour pack is more heavy duty - more like a hiking pack. You can place a large packing cube of clothes on the bottom of the migrate to act as a back pad for carry comfort. Unfortunately, the migrate is only available in one color at this time. There were several other color choices.

There’s a nice frosty gray/blue & red migrate still available on Looks like EC is clearing out this bag.

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Although that looks nice, I have several Patagonia Black Hole Duffels. I'm more interested in a pack, like the Osprey but without all the extraneous pockets. The Tour pack is pretty lightweight, yet the material is tough enough that it looks like it will withstand some overhead bin scraping and possibly being checked, which is why I'm looking at it.

Thank you for thinking of this for me though!

It appears REI does not carry the Tour, I'll have to decide if I want to order it and then return it if I don't care for it. I hate doing that as often returns get thrown into the trash, whether they're still unused or not.