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Wifi on ferry/train on Norway in a Nutshell tour?

Hi All,

I have to do some work while I'm vacationing and I was wondering if there's any Wifi on the ferry from Bergen to Flam, or on the trains on any of the other legs of the trip. If I could get a couple of hours of work in on the ferry it would be great. Yes I know I'm going to want to look at the scenery, but I have to get some stuff done.

Thanks for any info!


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I did Norway in a Nutshell over the weekend.

No internet on the ferry. Very poor cell coverage as well.

The only place you will have WiFi is on the train between Oslo and Myrdal (slow) and Gudvangen and Bergen (bad service due to the number of tunnels).

I stayed overnight in Flam at the Fretheim hotel and the wifi was very fast.

Please take my advice.....put the computer away during Norway in a Nutshell. It's spectacular. The bus/ferry/ train(from Flam to Myrdal) are the most spectacular.

If you must work, the final leg from Myrdal to Oslo is over 4 hours and the last two are the least scenic. Do your work then.

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Thanks all. I'm on the ferry now just leaving Bergen, and I do have WiFi. I'm not counting on it lasting based on Frank's reply!


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Okay, I asked the wrong question. We're actually on the fast ferry that's part of the Bergen to Flam route of the Sognefjord in a Nutshell tour, not the Norway in a Nutshell. And I do have internet, and it seems to be working really well. There are other ferries that may not have WiFi, but I do and it seems excellent. One more reason to love Norway!

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Late with my response, but in case you needed a second re: availability of wifi on the Norled hurtigrute. :-) Yep, the fast ferry has wifi. Used it from Bergen to Flåm a couple of weeks ago. Wifi is available on the train Myrdal->Oslo but at additional cost.