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Where should I go in Norway?

Hey guys! Ive been to Norway once and did the famous Norway in a nutshell tour apart from visiting Bergen. My husband and I once again intend to visit Norway but we are confused as to where we should spend the 6 nights we have allocated to Norway. We will be relying mostly on public transport and are mainly interested in spectacular scenery as well as historic places. Any suggestions/ advice is welcome! Thank You!

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I've only been to Norway once (a few nights in Olso, NIN from Oslo to Bergen, and a two nights in Bergen), but I can say that Bergen was a real highlight. Of course, I did see it on two consecutive days without any rain, which I understand is rare. But if you haven't been, it's certainly worth 1-2 days. Parts of the town look like they were built as a movie set, they're so cute and charming. The view from the top of the funicular is lovely, and the fish market is fun. I didn't particularly enjoy what Rick said was the highlight - the tour of Bryggen. But I liked the rest of it a lot, and it was just a nice place to be in.

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Thank you Harold for your reply! Actually I have already been to Bergen and have done the famous NIN tour already and although we loved it, I would like to visit somewhere else this time like Hardangerfjord, Alesund,Trondheim etc. I have failed at making a reasonable itinerary and look forward to anymore replies suggesting other places in Norway which are worth visiting and can be seen in 6 nights. Thank you

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Hello farahsafi22. I did one Norway trip. I have been thinking : if I will go to Norway again, a travel route in Norway that I would consider is (if limited to 6 nights):
Bergen : one night.
Balestrand : one night. (Ride in a fast boat from Bergen, via the Atlantic Ocean)
Ride in the bus that goes north to Lom (the road is at the west side of a national park). The road is at a high elevation in a wilderness area. Summer only.
Lom : one night.
Travel, in a bus and train, from Lom to Trondheim. Two nights at Trondheim.
Train from Tromheim to Oslo. One night at Oslo.