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Where can I find bus schedule between Voss and Aurland?

I'll be arriving at Bergen Airport at 10 am on Aug. 20. I just made a reservation for two nights in Aurland
and would like to get there by mid afternoon if possible.

I believe I found the website but I couldn't find this route.


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Nettbuss express:

Bergen (Bergen busstasjon) - Aurland (Flåm stasjon)
søndag 20. august 2017
Bergen busstasjon 17:15
Aurland Flåm stasjon 20:20

Voss (Voss stasjon) - Aurland (Flåm stasjon)
søndag 20. august 2017
Voss stasjon
Nettbuss express NX 450 Voss 17:20 Aurland Flåm stasjon 18:30 01:10

Trains Bergen to Voss:
Avreise Bergen - Voss Søndag, 20.08.2017
Bergen Lokal mot Myrdal stop at Voss: Avreise 12:56 Ankomstkl. 14:15

Bergen Lokal mot Voss: Avreise kl. 15:14 Ankomst kl. 16:31

Bergen Region mot Oslo S stop at Voss: Avreise kl. 15:59 Ankomst kl. 17:09

If you have booked accommodations in Aurland, try corresponding with your innkeeper as to help with bus/coach options and alternatives. I had mid-week mountain lodge accommodations that were served by bus during weekends. Solution was the innkeeper arranging car service from the train station to the lodge.

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Here's the Nettbuss Express NX450 Schedule from 19 June 2017 in PDF file format:

Søndag (Sunday) NX450 Bergen – Voss – Flåm – Sogndal only runs three times per day (Sunday), departing Voss at 10:35, 17:20 and 19:00 reaching Aurland at 11:55, 18:43 and 20:30 respectfully.

If your goal is Aurland by mid-afternoon, you could take the train from Bergen via Myrdal to Flam. See NSB Schedule.
Departure Bergen - Flåm Sunday, 20.08.2017
Departure At 12:56
Arrivalat 16:55
3h 59min

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Thanks Edgar, I appreciate your time and effort. I was hoping to take the train before the 12:56 to Flam but there aren't any tickets left. I noticed there wasn't an option for low price tickets on the 12 56 so it may be close to full too. I bought one to be safe.