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What do you recommend to do in Bergen and the vicinity for 8 days????

We will be taking a cruise all along the coast of Norway all the way to North Cape and have chosen to get off in Bergen on the way back, so that we have time to explore Norway on our own? We get to Bergen on August 30th and fly out on September 7th. We have a found a place to stay in Bergen, and also down on the Bjornafjorden fjord, but this place has a minimum 6 night stay, so we're trying to figure out whether to stay based in Bergen and do day trips form there or actually stay at some other areas during that time. We would appreciate any information and tips from those of you have already explored southwest Norway. We have been to Oslo before.

Thanks so much!

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My data point: We were pretty well done with sights in Bergen & close vicinity (e.g. Grieg house) in 3 days. I'd try to avoid having a car in Bergen even as a base for day trips. RS Scandinavia Guide about Bergen: "Parking is difficult and costly - ask your hotelier for tips. Note that all drivers entering Bergen must pay a 25 kr toll." Personally, I'd "do" Bergen on foot, then rent a car and get out of there for the days you have left before your flight. I see that there are at least 5 National Tourist Routes within 1/2 day drive of Bergen ( We were impressed with all the NTRs we traversed. Pick some of those and explore the countryside. The fjord area has amazing scenery as you will find out from your cruise. IMO, the thrill of hugging steep mountain sides on narrow roads enhances the view from the land as you really feel the verticality of the fjord cliffs. Norway is terrific, have fun.

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Another thought: I recently completed the Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes, the coast and fjords are spectacular! I thought one full day in Bergen was just right, and that included the museums and other sites/sights per RS. For me, by day 6 on the coast, it was starting to look the same, albeit beautiful. Have you considered flying Bergen to ? for the conclusion of your trip? Finland, Denmark, Sweden- or even a "stopover" in Iceland? Just a thought, if the airline tickets aren't booked.

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I would find a different place to stay! We were there four days and that was plenty. We stayed in an AirBnb right by the funicular which was perfect. We ate at the fish market, took a ferry up the fjord, walked thru the little walkways around the hillside (my fav!), and shopped. Eight days is maybe a bit much. There are overnight cruises you can take, but then you’re paying for your accommodations AND paying for a cruise. Maybe take the train to Oslo (6 hours). Have fun!