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Weather the last two weeks of August

We will be in Norway the last two weeks of August and has anyone been recently and know what the weather is like? Being so far north I am sure it is colder, but with the long days what type of clothing would you suggest? How much rain and how hard does it rain in August?
Thank you all for taking the time.

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It all depends on where you are in Norway to the condition of the weather. If you're talking Oslo, you should be fine the last 2 weeks of August. They say the rains and a change of weather's experienced in September.

You can go on Wikipedia and put in the city's name where you'll be staying. They usually include a chart in yellow that goes over each month's average temperature highs and lows, rain accumulations and average hours of sunshine per day.

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Late August is still summer. Weather will vary with your distance from the ocean and elevation.

Oslo 60 degrees North:

Røros (Sør-Trøndelag) 62.5 degrees North (Inland mountains):

Mehamm (Finnmark) 71 degrees North:

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Thank you, I really did not realize there was this much to weather to Norway, will try the old fashion layering! And a light rain coat.

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Norway is a big country (skinny but very long so has latitude changes and also elevation factors with mountains)
To give you an idea, this comparison shocked me when I first heard it, Rome, Italy is similar distance from Oslo as it is from Oslo to Tromso, Norway.

Depending how far north you are going the days may not be much longer than what you would get in California in end of August either.
As weather and rainfall greatly differs from San Diego to Seattle and points in between, asking a blanket question for all of Norway is similar.

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A good discussion of Norwegian climatic zones:

Norway is a Nordic country, but it is affected by the Gulf Stream, so
its climate is less cold than you might think, especially along the
west coast. However, the country is very extended in latitude, and it
has a rugged coastline, plateaus and mountain ranges, so there are
different climates to be taken into account.

Check out the link's map of the different climatic zones.