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WC on board the Voss to Gudvangen NIN bus?

Sorry for the stupid question, but does anyone know if there is a WC on board the Voss-Gudvangen bus?

Being older, I've found these things are less "predictable" :(, and that is an hour-long ride. That is one of the many things I like about Rick's books, he even lists WCs that are available at sites. With the rest of the NIN being boats and trains, we're ok there, so just thought I would ask....sorry!

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Its been a while since we did the NIN but long distance Norwegian coaches have on-board WCs and complementary hot drinks ("instant" coffee and coco). I believe, but am not certain that Nettbuss provides the Gudvangen-Voss services:


I våre turbusser er det regulerbare seter, toaletter, leselys, kjøleskap, kaffemaskin, Radio/CD, DVD, mikrofon, luftkjøling og guidesete.


In our buses is the adjustable seats, toilets, reading lights, refrigerator, coffee maker, Radio / CD, DVD, microphone, air cooling and guide seat.

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Thanks for the research, Edgar. I looked at the timetables on the SKYSS site further, and found that some of the 950 buses from Voss to Gudvangen are locals (only running between these 2 endpoints and no where else), and some are long distance express buses that just happen to be passing by Voss and Gudvangen. The 10:10 bus is a local, no doubt organized to serve the hoards getting off the train at Voss, and I've heard they provide multiple bus vehicles at that time to meet demand. I emailed SKYSS and specfically asked if that bus had a toilet for the 75 minute ride, and they replied they did not. (I also could see a picture of the buses on Google street view, and they did not look like they had toilets, so thank you Google).

The SKYSS site referred me to WWW.NOR-WAY.NO for more detail on the 10:35 bus from Voss. This is a long distance bus from Bergen to Lillehammer, that happens to be passing by at that time. It is known as NW162 Ost-VestXpressen/NorWay Bussekspress. So it is an available option for getting from Voss to Gudvangen. Since this is a long distance bus, it includes toilet facilities and WiFi. Likewise, there is a 14:20 from Voss that is a long distance bus run by Nettbuss, and that is the company site referred to in Edgar's post.

So to make a long story longer (sorry...), I've decided we could take the NW162 Ost-VestXpressen/NorWay Bussekspress ( from Bergen all the way to Gudvangen. The bus station is next to the train station. It leaves Bergen same time as the train (8:45), and arrives at Gudvangen 3 minutes later (11:23). Advantages are not having to make any transfer connection, and having toilet facilities all the way. Disadvantages are the route may not be as scenic, we don't make the detour past the scenic hotel and steep windy road, and the bus drops us off out on the highway (E16), and it's a 5 minute walk to the boat dock. We can't buy bus tickets ahead of time due to their issues with US cards, but then we can't buy the 8:40 train tickets ahead of time, either, since it's a local commuter train. And we have plenty of other train rides in the following week, so we won't really miss the Bergen to Voss train ride.

Once there, I'm planning on taking the 11:45 ferry over to Flam, so I am really hoping the bus is not running late, as the next boat is not until 14:30, according to I am aware the 11:45 sailing is the new hybrid electric boat, and it is double the usual price. We'll see if the quiet ride thru the first fjord is worth it. Apparently this new boat has caused them to rearrange the schedule, and it's no longer completely the same as laid out in Rick's book, that's a long break in the schedule between 1145 and 1430.

Any one who has gotten this far, sorry to make a mountain out of an anthill, but it was a concern for us. Any comments?

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Good research, Stewart. Aging bodies need accommodations. You aren't alone with your bathroom requirements. Please do consider wearing something like "Depends." They can really be a handy lifesaver. You won't be the only one wearing/using them and you won't have nearly as many worries. Live your life to the fullest....with accommodation like you never thought you would do. It's ok.