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Varden hike near Molde vs.the Atlantic Road?

For those of you who have done both, if you only had the opportunity to either take the Atlantic Road tour vs. a hike to the Varden viewpoint near Molde, which would you pick and why? Thank you so much!

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The drive along the Atlantic Ocean Road will take you about 15-20 minutes, max, unless you stop at some of the islands along the way. The view from the viewpoint above Molde is quite beautiful but there are other views in that area of Norway that are equally good...where else are you going? The AOR is incredibly unique but don't expect it to look like some of the crazy, distorted pictures of it that you find on the's a series of bridges and roadways linking some low, rocky islands at the mouth of a bay. It's very cool and interesting but not quite as dramatic as some of the picture I've seen. I thought it was worth visiting.

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We were in that area recently and did the road. We stopped at every pullover and walked. On the last island to the east we hiked to the top of a hill above the restaurant's for a good view. We though about stopping at Molde when we passed by, but kept on driving to Alesund. We did climb the 400 steps to the viewpoint there, and that was a beautiful viewpoint. I enjoyed the road because it was very different than everything else we did in Norway