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I'm going to Norway the first part of June. Most of it is planned, 2 days in Oslo, Norway in a nutshell with a stay in Flam, a couple nights in Bergen and a flight to Paris. My ancestors were from somewhere in Valdres. I believe Hedal or Hedalen Parish? We would like to visit the area during our stay in Flam. Can you help us figure out how to get to Valdres from Flam and what to see? There will be 5-6 adults and we have had a hard time finding a car to rent for all of us. Thanks.

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Valdres is an area with 6 municipalities.

There are two places called Hedal in Valdres.

This valley is closer to Oslo than Flåm. It would be easier to make this as a side trip from Hønefoss (or Gol) on the Oslo-Bergen railway line.

If the starting point is set:

1: Bus Flåm – Håbakken – Årdal – Tyin – Fagernes, and rent two cars, total of 6 hours one way. There road E16 Fillefjell is closed June 1st- 19th and the buses will drive Årdal – Tyin. This alternative is an overnight trip.

2: On weekdays there is a 5:20am bus from Sogndal to Gol. Closest point to Flåm is Håbakken (6:15 am) but it will be difficult and expensive to travel from Flåm to Håbakken this early. I would recommend staying in Sogndal the night before.

3: Travel to Kaupanger (Avis and Hertz) and rent two cars.