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Vaccination status - Norway and Denmark

Some questions- traveling from
- USA to Denmark,
- then Denmark to Norway,
- then Norway back to USA:

- It appears from what I have read that I just have to show my US vaccination card to get into Norway and Denmark. Is that correct?

  • I’m trying to find out what Fully Vaccinated is defined as . I think it means a booster has to have been given within 6 mos of traveling. Is this true?

  • How much time do I need to leave in my itinerary to find a pharmacy in Bergen to get a COVID test to get back in USA? Are they hard to find? Is there a way for me to search for what pharmacy has the tests to get back to the USA?

  • How long does it take to get test results? I think the USA requires the COVID test to be completed the day before the flight back to the USA. Is this true?

  • Has anyone used the COVID tests completed while being viewed on Face time or Zoom, to get back to USA? How long does it take to get results? If I get these test kits, when should I do the test? Any recommendations on test kits?

Thanks for any advice you may be able to share

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We are currently in Denmark and no one cares about your vaccination status or whether you wear a mask. In fact, we were stopped by a policeman and told “you know you don’t have to wear a mask here.” We were inside a crowded building.

Your more important issue is making sure you, as we, have a negative test so you can return home once your trip is done. Best of luck with that.

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You can get Covid tests at the Bergen airport, either rapid antigen ones or the ones that take 2-3 days. You will get a certificate to show that you are negative (if you are). Just plan extra time before your flight to get it done.

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Last year we used Bi Max Now tests, where we logged in, and they verified our procedures and results, when we were leaving Rome and coming back to the States. They worked quite well...I had read that they were one on the easier ones to use. Results were instant.

When you buy them this year they offer two options; self test with no verification, or self test with verification. You want the one with the verification.

Last year we needed tests to leave the US, so we used some Bi Max verification tests here at home, which gave us a practice run for doing the tests outside the US. I'm glad we did, because we had some problems figuring out how to set up "incognito mode" on one of our phones to enable the test to be performed. This year I think we will just get our tests done at the Bergen airport.