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two weeks in norway - is it possible to see Bergen, fjords and Lotofen in that time?

Very early in the planning process. Is two weeks doable to see both the south and north areas with some time seeing main fjord spots? Any rough itinerary ideas to share?


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I had never heard of the Hurtigruten coastal route until researching my own trip last summer. Depending on your travel style and budget it could work for you, too. I did the classic Bergen to Kirkenes after flying from the US to Oslo. One way "NIN" to Bergen. It was about 2 weeks.

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Yes, Hurtigruten coastal steamers go to your locations. Nice ships, providing connections to coastal towns and villages. Fabulous food.

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Looking back at my trip report, we spent 12 days in Norway and were able to cover Oslo in some detail, greater Bergen, and lots of fjord country via car to our satisfaction. We did not get nearly as far north as Lotofen, but if you're willing to fly or can spend lots of time on a boat, I don't see why you can't hit your 3 stated goals in 2 weeks. Suggest you create a list with your "must-do" sites at the top, compute how much time to see those, and then add other locations to round out the 2 weeks. Good travels. And please write a trip report after the fact so others can learn from you.

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You should be able to see a lot of Norway including Oslo, Begen, fjords and Lofoten (Lotofen?) in two weeks.

Travelers in a hurry zip through the fjords on the "Norway in a
Nutshell" route.

Seeing Oslo, a sample of the fjords and Bergen is easy. The Norway in a Nutshell (NiN) combined mode of travel route samples your list except for Lofoten and throws in Oslo as a starting bonus. Oslo in my view is worth several days at the start of your travels. The NiN can be a single day journey or multiple days adding more time in the fjords.

Lofoten is to the far north. (I have been to northern Norway but not to Lofoten). Consider a regional airline flight to Lofoten from either Oslo or Bergen. Flights from Oslo are more numerous and more direct flying in to the Lofoten area.

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Thanks everyone for the replies.
If I have two weeks, does it make most sense to fly into Bergen (or Oslo), rent a car, see Bergen area and fjords then take a flight (from???) to lofoten area and rent a car again and then start trip home (Seattle) from there?
One wild card - I’ll need to be in the town of stranda at some point on trip to do a trail running race. How does that complicate my itinerary?