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Two Week Pre-Tour to Northern Norway

My wife and I are contemplating traveling to northern Norway prior to a Rick Steves 14 day Scandinavian tour. We plan to fly into and leave from Bergen either by ferry or by car to travel along the coast up to Kirkenes. We would then drive through Finland and then along the eastern coast of Sweden to Stockholm. We are wondering what the best way to see this part of Norway would be? We are interested in hearing from those who have made this trip and would like to know what mode of transportation would be best. We understand there are one-way ferries that make the trip along the coast to Kirkenes, but am not sure how much of the inner part of Norway one would see from a ferry. If we were to drive, are the roads good, and are there sufficient gas stations along the route?

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Go on a Hurtigruten coastal steamer,best way to travel in region.

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How many weeks are you allowing for this trip?

Have you priced a one-way car rental Norway to Sweden?

I think you'll need to find another forum for a person who has driven this trip.

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Hi, I might be able to help, somewhat, based on my own intensive research for my trip next June/ July. I waffled between the RS tour and the Hurtigruten ship referenced in one of your other responses. But I wanted longer in both Copenhagen and Helsinki, as well as a primary goal of time spent learning about Sami culture in far northern Finland. Transport in Northern Finland seems limited to around the resort centers. Trip Advisor has great information, and for driving, the Lonely Planet Finland book describes towns and services. That assumes you want to go all the way to Kirkenes. If so, there are domestic flights that could get you back to Norway, and rental car services in Kirkenes, too. The Hurtigruten ships stop at many ports, I understand most are of very brief duration, with some $$$ excursions that could get you inland in some places. But since you can drive, you might consider a popular TA option I see on there frequently of going from Bergen to Tromso or Lofoton area where folks seem to stay varying amounts of time to explore- then fly to Oslo or rejoin another ship. All this from someone who hasn't been there, yet! But it might give you some new ideas! The Hurtigruten site is informative, and I read a ton of reviews on Cruise Critic, too.