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Two Important Norway Questions

I will be traveling to Scandinavia soon, including Norway (with a car) and have some important questions that my travel books have not answered adequately. Hoping you all can help:

1) When do things in the Fjord and the costal region of Norway really shut down? I will be travelling in September.

2) If I have seven days to spend in Norway (starting in Oslo for two days) should I focus ALL my remaining time on the Fjords (ending in Bergen) or will I have time to see the fjords and spend a few days traveling the coast from Bergen to Stavanger?

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It all depends own how far north you go and when winter sets in. Most things stay fully open until late autumn.
You should still be fine to see everything you want to see in September. Even the car ferry up at the Geirangerfjord stays open until the end of October as does the Trollstigen Road nearby. That said, if the weather turns then everything closes down early but in September that is still unlikely.
As for your second question it completely depends on what you want to see! After Oslo you'll have five's a full day drive to go to Bergen. You can spend a day or two up in the nearby fjords. Bergen is good for a full day (not much more though). The drive from Bergen to Stavanger is well worth's quite beautiful. The town of Stavanger is also unique with it's bright, seaside sunlight and white painted buildings.

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including Norway (with a car)

Just a caution, make sure you understand in advanced how the toll roads work in Norway. No problems if you prepare in advanced, but the system is completely non-intuitive if you're trying to figure it out while driving.