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Two and a Half days in Norway

I fully realize that two and a half days is not enough time but I want to experience NiN and I'm trying to squeeze it in.

Day 1: The plan would be to arrive in Oslo early morning on Day one (from Copenhagen) and spend the day touring Oslo including a three hour afternoon bike tour with Viking Biking. This would be early July when the days are long

Day 2: The next morning we'd leave Oslo at 6:25am and start the NiN tour.

My instinct is to return to our hotel in Oslo from Voss. That would allow two nights in the same hotel in Oslo.

Day 3: In the afternoon we'll be on our way to Stockholm to catch a cruise ship the following day.

My question is: Is Bergen worth a two hour visit which would be possible if we continued to Bergen from Voss and took the overnight train back to Oslo arriving early morning on Day 3. . This would require storing most of our luggage in Oslo before we left for the NiN tour in order to avoid hauling it around (which shouldn't be too difficult using the hotel or train station)

I normally wouldn't try to squeeze in a stop like Bergen for 2 hours but the pictures that I've seen look like it is a neat place to see.

Thoughts would be appreciated.

PS I Know, I know "assume you will return"


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No, don’t try to add Bergen. You are already squeezing a lot in.

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Yes, not enough time to appreciate Norway but for a nutshell slice of Norway. Given your 2.5 day timeframe:

Day 1: Oslo sights and activits. Don't miss the Bygdøy museums - Folkmusem, Viking Ship, Fram. Overnight in Oslo.

Day 2: Norway in a Nutshell combination tour Depart Oslo S about 8:30am to Myrdal, Flåm Railway to Flåm, fjord cruise, then bus and train to Bergen. Overnight is Bergen.

Day 3: Half day walk around Bergen. Air travel Begen to Stockholm.

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Thanks to all for your comments. We have not been to Stockholm but will be going there after Oslo for two days before our 7 night cruise leaves. Upon our return from the cruise, we will have another night in Stockholm.
I like the suggestion to go to Bergen for the evening and a half day the next morning and then fly to Stockholm. Thanks for the suggestion. It makes sense and should be easy given the smaller airport on Bergen.

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Without including Bergen, the Flam RR and the fjord cruise in one day is already cramming 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag. From Oslo it will be about a 12 hour day. There is no quick way to get there, via bus, train, or car.

I just came back from Oslo. I was not particularly impressed with the Viking Museum but the Vigeland Gardens is worth a visit.