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Trondheim in mid-February 2023

We're attending a conference in Trondheim in mid-February and will be there for about a week. We're flying into and out of TRD, and we don't want to rent a car. We're hoping for suggestions about day trips and other things to do in/near Trondheim (sightseeing, eating, etc.) that don't require complicated logistics or car rental. Thank you!

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My sightseeing notes for Trondheim 2022:

  • There may be a 2-hr walking tour. Check with the tourist office, but I am doubtful it will be running in February.
  • Landesbakken: Brightly painted wooden houses, antique shops and small businesses.
  • Older wooden buildings in city center.
  • Nidarosdomen (Cathedral): Finest in Scandinavia, a medieval masterpiece. Interior is dark; probably best on a sunny day. Much stone carving. Glass 19C/20C but gives medieval effect.
  • Archbishop’s Manor, next to Cathedral, has the Norwegian regalia. (Verify they are still shown there.)
  • Ringve Garden. I wouldn't expect much there unless there are greenhouses; I haven't checked.
  • Ringve Music Museum (large wooden manor house) has demos of old musical instruments in summer (old info). Two other large wooden manor houses in this suburb (Lade).
  • Art Gallery
  • Museum of Decorative Arts: “Worthy tribute to Norway’s prominence”; especially good glass and tapestries. However, this was closed as of June 2022; I don't know whether it has reopened yet.
  • Charming neighborhood E of Nidelva River.
  • Baroque, one-story building, E end of Erling Skakkesgate.
  • Kristiansten Festning (old fort): Great views.
  • Much public art.

I can't help with day trips unless you want to go as far as Roros, which I wouldn't do in February. The Norwegian terrain is challenging, so it often takes a long time to travel a modest distance. There may be some good options, but I just don't know what they are.

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We were in Trondheim in August 2022 for two days and loved the old fortress and the cathedral and bishops palace museums.

Whatever you do don't make the mistake we made and eat at an Egon restaurant - they are a Norwegian chain and the pizza was terrible and the wine appalling.

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What do you want to see and do? How much free time do you have?

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Dear Badger:

We'd love to do a day trip (or several) that involves riding a train, boat, or bus through scenic areas. We're eager to see things (nature, etc.) without doing any driving. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Scenic areas are almost everywhere in Norway. But ground transportation can be slow. For train trip through a scenic area I'd suggest taking the train east to Sweden. You can either take the train to Storlien (just across the border) and back again. Or you can change to a Swedish train in Storlien and continue a bit. Åre is not far away, so if you like skiing that seems like a good idea for a day trip. The train to Sweden also stops in the small village Hell on the way, that is a bit of a minor tourist attraction due to its name.

Going north is another option. Nordlandsbanen is also a scenic railway, and while you won't be able to make it all the way to Bodø and back in a day, you can at least see a bit of it.

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The train route Trondheim-Dombas-Andalsnes is very scenic.