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Trømso or Svolvær

Would love your suggestion...
We land in Trømso in the afternoon and were planning to stay the night there and head to Lofoten next morning. But after researching, I find it's better to spend more time in Lofoten(summer visit). Would help a lot, if I can get some suggestions to stay back in Trømso or head out to Svolvær. We will have 3 full days to explore Lofoten if we leave the day we land at Trømso.

We were planning to see the Arctic Cathedral and visit the funicular in Tromso to see the midnight sun if we stay back.

Thanks Much.

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Both yes and no because it is more the landscape around that places :-)

Tromsø (the "ø" is at the end) is an Arctic town - means small and very functional but a town. I would suggest to additionally spend a look from Fjellheisen when you are there and drink a coffee at Kaffebonna.

Svolvær is a little village - even the main village on Lofoten islands - also very functional as well as fishing and tourist oriented. Oil and gas upcoming. The attraction on Lofoten is the nature and landscape you can see when driving down the scenic route Lofoten to Å i Lofoten.

At both places you can enjoy midnight sun as long as you have free view to Northern horizon (if it is shining).

3 full days are not much time for the journey to and from Lofoten.
Three ideas:

1) Rent a car and explore area north of trom Tromsø (driving up the E6)

2) Rent a car and explore island of Senja instead of far away Lofoten which is much closer. Summer ferry Botnhamn - Brensholmen will shorten your way. No need to drive via Finnsnes.

3) An idea could be to enjoy Tromsø on arrival day and to take the souuthbound Hurtigruten ship to Svolvær (sailing plan, swith direction to southbound). it drives through a very nice landscape and in late afternoon of following day into very narrow Trollfjord. You can try to get a cabin to get a bed and a bath or you try to sleep in the public rooms, e.g. panorama deck.

Have a good journey.

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Thanks Mark. I am booked to stay in Ballstad and Henningsvær. I know it's short trip but trying to make most out of it. We leave on the fourth day late evening flight. So hoping to do RIB/ sail cruise at Trollfjord fjord one day and hike one day and of course drive around in our rental car to explore areas around.
Senja would be not possible and we already have non refundable hotels booked at above places
Is Tromsø worth while instead of Svolvær? As we can go sail(takes 6 hrs) through Trollfjord fjord instead of Fjellheisen.
Or we stay Tromsø, see Fjellheisen and do midnight concert at Arctic Cathedral and leave early morning next day and reach Svolvær around 12 pm(6 hrs drive). We can do RIB boat through Trollfjord fjord( 2 hrs) and hike Festvgtind( 1:5/2 hrs) that day. Make the most of sunlight during the summer months.


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The info with the booked hotels would be good to have it in original post already. Would save much time and effort.

Is Tromsø worth while instead of Svolvær?

Well, I tried to describe it - very much subjective opinion in it.

If you want to do Trollfjord, do it from Svolvær.

Fjellheisen is a nice an relaxed experience - also weather depending. At strong wind and rain not the preferred place to be :-)

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Sorry Mark, should have mentioned. Maybe I'll do refundable booking at both places. And see the weather 2/3 days before and then decide.

Back at the same place .... I was thinking maybe someone will have a more definitive answer which could help me decide :)