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Trompsø - best bets?

God morgen, Scandinavian experts! We need your best advice. We will travel to Trompsø the first of September, with an overnight stay and full day. What is the liklihood of seeing the Northern Lights then? What are your suggestions for activities for the day and for chasing the Lights? And finally, although I know it's near impossible to predict weather, how cold or wet might it be that time of year?

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Activities for the day in TROMSØ, make sure you visit the Arctic Cathedral, and The Polar Museum.

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Odds would be much better mid Sept or later
There is no true night until Sept 17th ;

Not saying you won't see them but would need a strong storm I think to see them well enough during Astronomical Twilight or any of the Twilight periods. True night darkness is when Astronomical Twilight ends and before it begins again ; which does not occur until Sept 17 and later ; you can see by Sept 30th there is 6 hours of true night darkness.

Sept 1st there is not even any Astronomical Twilight ; only Nautical Twilight which I think will result in the ambient sky being too bright to see the lights ; combined with that being a near full moon time I would say your chances are very low even without factoring in the weather (clouds).