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Travellling to Norway Mid October


I will be travelling to Norway in MId October for the first time
I know that this is not the ideal time but is it worth travelling then
We are thinking of travelling from Oslo to Bergen by train and ferry NIN. We will then
spend a few days in Bergen and then fly to Tromso to try and get a glimpse of the northern lights

IS the NIN operational in OCtober . Will the weather be ok to travel and is ti worth it to travel to Norway in October

ANy suggestion for the trip for a week

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i am planning a trip like this, with the same route plan, as well with my wife and a 9 yr old daughter at the same time of the year. do let me know if you get any suggestions.



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NiN is offered all year:

Fall climate (Norway is a big country with multiple climate zones):

How to dress for the weather in fall

Wind and rain can make moving outdoors in fall a wet experience, but
you might also be lucky and see a last flare of summer weather with
sun and blue skies. Predicting what you should wear can be difficult,
but having access to wind- and rainproof outer clothing is always a
good idea.

Inside this outer shell, dress in several thin layers of wool rather
than one big fat sweater. It is far more flexible and makes it easier
to control your temperature.

In addition, as opposed to cotton, wool will still provide insulation
and provide you with some much-needed warmth even if you’re trapped in
the rain.

My favorite Norway month is March to early April. Snow is still good and daylight hours are longer.
Oslo October daylight hours:
Tromso October daylight hours:
Tromso October moon rise/set: