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Travelling with friends


My friends and me were planning a camping trip to Norway. With the new corona rules you can be with friends from your inner circle, but you have to keep a distance of 1 meter. Does that mean we can't travel together in the same car? And is the police very strict with handing out fines?

We are really inner circle, and only see each other. We wan't to travel responsibly.


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Of course you can I hardly expect they expect everyone to ride alone in their cars .

I don’t know which country you are travelling from to enter Norway so I think you need to be sure you will be allowed in Norway first .

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Hi, fabianvanderkooij,

Right now, Norway is only allowing visitors from other Scandinavian countries. Entry to Norway is prohibited from all other countries until August 20th. I had to cancel my Norwegian holiday this year, and had a really really difficult time getting a refund of my prepaid accommodation. It took six weeks of telephone calls, e-mails, and letters, but I finally got the money back.

Best to check the Norwegian government website for updates on restrictions.

Mike (Auchterless)

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Thank you James, I'll keep it in mind when traveling. I spoke to a family member in Norway also and he says it shouldn't be a problem. To Auchterless, travel to Norway is possible for European union citizens since july 15th. So unless you come from outside the EU you are welcome in Norway! I'm from the Netherlands myself.

Thank you for the replies!