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Travelling to Norway in mid-january

Hello! I am traveling with my boyfriend in January to Norway and we don't really have a clue where to start the preparation...
It would be probably once in a lifetime travel, so we would like to plan it well, without losing necessarily money.
Our main goal would be (of course..) to see the Northern Lights, but also do some hiking and dog sledding.
Would you recommend us booking a trip (more expensive but better planned)- and what kind of trip, or plan it somehow by ourselves? Do you have any pieces of advice considering the accommodation, trips etc.? Thank you very much in advance!

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You may want to switch from hiking to cross country skiing. Norway does not groom trails during the winter for walking and skiers would not be happy if you hike on ski tracks. Mid-January is not the best month for even skiing because of the short daylight hours (Oslo has lighted ski tracks).

For northern lights viewing:
Bill Bryson's take:

WFN: You started with Hammerfest because…

Bill Bryson: Because it’s the furthest north point in Europe, known
for occasionally hosting one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature
– aurora borealis, or northern lights.

WFN: And you saw them?

Bill Bryson: Well, I had to stay in Hammerfest longer than I
, overhearing conversations in pubs and on streets in a
language I totally didn’t understand, but yes, I finally saw a
majestic white light doing a show in the sky. The long stay was really
worth it.