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Travel to Norway in August

I have a trip arranged to go to Oslo on August 24 and a week later go from Bergen to Amsterdam for another week.
It looks like Americans are not yet permitted in (especially for tourists). Any hope this will change in the next month? Should I just cancel everything now or hold out hope for a last minute change in requirements? Anyone with knowledge of the situation? Opinions?

Bill in USA

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The Norwegian borders have been pretty much closed to all non-citizens since the start of the pandemic. I have no idea if it will change soon. It might, but it doesn't look to promising for you.

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I'm not up to date with the Norwegian plans, but if you can rebook or cancel it might be a good idea.

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Plan B is to cancel and maybe limit my trip to 2 weeks in the Netherlands. Maybe a week in Amsterdam and a week in another nearby city in Netherlands. I really hoped to see Norway...too bad.
I'm pretty sure as an American (vacinated) I can get into Amsterdam. Am I right about this? I would be going the 1st of September if I can make the arrangements.


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I'm not familiar with the travel restrictions for americans, but I think the Netherlands are more open.

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I have been regularly checking in on the Norway entry rules at this website:

They just added on 7/29 (in addition to what they have had for while as to those from EU with the EU certificate) the following that seems for any nationality:

"foreign nationals who are fully vaccinated or who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months and who can document this with a COVID-19 certificate that has a QR code which can be verified by the Norwegian authorities"

But it refers to a QR code. We do not get such a thing in the USA (whether vaccinated or recovered). Anyone have any experience with going to Norway from the USA to share?

We connect through Paris, but have only a short layover, not time to leave the airport and find a pharmacist to input our USA covid certificate into the EU system and get a QR code. I know that is possible in the city as a co-worker has done it and sent me the directions in French to give the pharmacist. And I think on RS here and other travel forums have heard of others.

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Norway still isn't accepting Americans with vaccinations from the U.S. They are VERY specific about only accepting EU-integrated/valid Covid certificates.

From these pages from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and their public health authority:

All EU/EEA countries

If you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or recovered from COVID-19 during the last six months, you can travel to Norway now if you can provide documentation for this in a verifiable way. You must be able to:

present a Norwegian, Swedish or Danish COVID-19 certificate with a QR code that can be verified by the Norwegian authorities, or present a COVID-19 certificate following the EU rules for digital corona certificates
You can travel from any country if you can provide documentation for one of the requirements listed above.

The site is very specific that U.S. certificates do not fit the bill.

Countries outside the EU/EEA Area

COVID-19 certificates from countries outside the EU/EEA Area are not accepted as documentation.

Further, from the Norwegian public health authority :

Currently, only presentation of a COVID-19 certificate (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or EU digital COVID certificate) with a QR code which can be verified by the Norwegian authorities is considered to be a secure and verifiable way of proving vaccination or previous illness. More information about the COVID-19 certificate:

Verifiable COVID-19 certificate (, in Norwegian)
See your COVID-19 certificate (

Here,s the page within that same site that makes it clear that Norway is not yet accepting American tourists

Can I travel to Norway now?

Most people cannot travel to Norway now

If you live in a country outside the EU/EEA, you cannot travel to Norway now unless you fall under one of the exceptions listed below.