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travel, accommodation and breakfast

(I hope my request isn't to lengthy). My wife and I plan to travel Norway in June 2020. Traveling from Saint Petersburg by train to Helsinki and then flying to either Bodo (work our way down to Bergen eventually) or Bergen and work our way up and then down again - seems as if entering at Bergen might be slightly cheaper than entering at Bodo) . If we enter at Bergen, we would like to stay a couple of days in Bergen, then off to Flam (1 day) by train. From Flam to Alsund (2 days) by either self drive (in order to experience the Trollstigen) bus and ferry (doing a Geiranger fjord trip - which operators, etc can be suggested?) . From there to Trondheim (1 day perhaps) (another fjord trip). Then by night train up to Mo i Rana for three days. After that either by night train to Oslo and then off to Munich, or directly flying out from Bodo via Oslo to Munich. What can you suggest in regards to travel arrangements to experience Norway country side and travel cheap? What can also be suggested in terms of accommodation - hotels, B&B, Air B&B or camping chalet? As an alternative to having breakfast at hotels etc., what can you suggest as a nice Norwegian breakfast - either at a local restaurant or buying separate food items at a local shop? Thank you.

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Cheap and Norway are seldom heard in the same sentence, especially if you are going to rent a car. For accommodation, try to stay in B&Bs, hostels or camping spots if you are looking to save money. Hotels will be expensive.

Also, how long do you have? I tried to add your days and is a week correct? If so, it seems like you are planning a very rushed visit. Driving in Norway is not fast, you should plan on an average speed of 60 km/h or so.

Although, if you are looking at saving money, I have a suggestion. Instead of flying from Helsinki to Norway, take an overnight cruise to Stockholm and fly from there. It will save you money, give you an archipelago cruise, and there is a much bigger selection of flights from Stockholm to Norway.

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We’ve stayed at several hotels in the Thon chain in Norway. They are reasonably priced and some include breakfast & dinner. Sign up for their free loyalty program and save 10%.

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Early June is little more flexible that late June. General recommendation is to pre-book accomodation. B&Bs are a good choice but also at other plces you will get great prices if you book early enough before.

Bodo is expensive whole week through because gate to Lofoten for most travelers.
Bergen also but for different reason: start / end point of Hurtigruten and gate to Fjordland.

Prices on the country side are cheaper if you book early but climbs to very high prices at locations such as Geiranger or Flam.

Why Bodo? If you are there choose Lofoten location or Vesteralen to fly in / or end up, e.g. Andenes (if you like whale watching) or Svolvaer.

Tip: Slow and scenic traveling is possible on Hurtigruten ships, also possible from port-to-port, e.g. Harstad (also airport) to Trondheim.