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Transportation from Oslo ferry terminal

Hello! After arriving by ferry from Copenhagen, We will need to take public transportation from the Oslo ferry terminal. Our hotel is near the Central train station. I know the distance is not far but we’re seniors, with luggage, and prefer not to use Oslo’s very expensive taxis. Does anyone know if a bus or tram serves that area? Thanks for your help.

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Yes, there is bus service -"ruter" - that stops near the quay. Route 60 can take you from that area (Vippetangen) to Jernbanetorget, a stop adjacent to Oslo S. Depending on day and time, the bus stops there twice an hour and will cost 36 NOK for a single one-way ticket if the ticket is purchased in advance, 56 NOK if purchased on the bus. Uber is also available in Oslo.

Addendum: I had assumed when I made the original post above that you would be one-and-done with the bus (e.g., calling it a day once you headed to the hotel, and would stay on foot after). In case you were planning on dropping off your luggage at the hotel and going out again, and were inclined to use public transportation, I should add that the ticket is good within Zone 1 (downtown and an expanded area around it) for 60 minutes after activation with free transfers to other modes of public transportation.

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Thank you, Southern Lights, for your very helpful reply. (I thought I had sent thanks immediately but better late than never. 😊)

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Be aware.....there are no ATM's at the Oslo Ferry Terminal. I took a taxi and it wasn't that expensive. My hotel was two blocks from the main train station. The taxi took credit cards. Not sure about the bus. Check ahead of time.

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You can buy tickets for local transport in advance on the very useful RuterBillett app for your smartphone. I didn’t use cash in a week in Oslo.