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Transit Visa information request - Norway

Hello dear friends,

I need to confirm if as dominican citizen is necessary to have a transit visa to travel to Oslo and from there to Svalbard?
Can somebody please help me? All the info that I found on internet do not complete my satisfaction of be totally sure that is posible.

I'll really appreciate any comment.


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My quick internet search indicates that citizens of the Dominican Republic need a visa to travel to all countries in Europe.

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Svalbard is part of the Kingdom of Norway as is Oslo.

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No, that kind of visa is for enter the country and stay for a time (tourist/study/bussines)... My question is about the transit //pass from one plane to another// is not the same.
Also please note that, even do Svalbard it is part of Norway is outside the Schengen controls. That is why my concern.


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Sorry for misunderstanding.

Perhaps this will help:

If I read it correctly, you don't need a transit visa if you are not leaving the Oslo airport.

And since Svalbard doesn't require a visa at all, you should be fine to travel there without one.

But I'm not an expert on this subject, so you might want to call or email the Norwegian consulate in Santo Domingo:

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Not clear if you mean Dominca as your home country (that speaks French?) here is that consulate info.

I found a reference that says citizens of both the Dominican Republic and Dominica are called "Dominicans" but that it is pronounced differently for the two countries.

Here's a similar question for arriving by air, assuming you don't have a ship