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Totally Confused - 1 week in Norway

Good morning

We are going to Norway for 7 days in the last week of August and I am completely confused about the iten. We will fly into Oslo on Day 1 (from Copenhagen) and spend Day 1 and Day 2 in Oslo. Then we went to do Norway countryside for the remaining 5 nights and I am thinking what to pick from below:
1) Do the 'Norway in a Nutshell' route and end in Bergen, spend nights in Bergen and drive from Bergen to other places (using ferries too)
2) Drive from Oslo thru the Nutshell Route and spend time in the town there and end in Bergen?
3) Something else?

Thank you

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For a 5-day trip outside Oslo, you really won't need a car. And I certainly wouldn't drive to Bergen, you'd miss an amazing train journey. I would stick with the Norway in Nutshell route that takes you from Oslo via train to Flam & then via ferry en route to Bergen. Suggest breaking up your stay in Balestrand (1.75 via ferry) & staying at the Kviknes Hotel in the old wing. Of our 10-day trip, Balestrand was our favorite small town & we stayed 2 nights. We were there in the summer, rented bikes for the day & biked out of town, and swam in the fjord. I don't recall the name, but there's a small cafe by the ferry with excellent food. It's then a 4-hour ferry ride to Bergen, which is certainly worth a few days. The train back to Oslo is a long day, or fly maybe to your next destination directly from Bergen.

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The prettiest ferry segment along the Oslo-Bergen route is the Naeroyfjord, which you see on a ferry from Flam to Gudvangen--one of the key components of the Nutshell route. The long express-boat trip from Balestrand to Bergen doesn't go into the Naeroyfjord and would not be my preferred way of traveling on to Bergen. You'd need to dig into transportation schedules to figure out how to incorporate a stay in Balestrand (by all accounts a very attractive little place) and not miss any of the scenic segments on the Nutshell trip--which include the Flamsbana from Myrdal down to Flam, the aforementioned Naeroyfjord ferry and the bus trip from Gudvangen up to Voss (where you can pick up a train to Bergen).

The first thing to do is check on lodging availability in Balestrand. The fjord area is very popular; demand for rooms exceeds supply.

Bergen is a lovely town, worthy of a couple of days.

The Geirangerfjord is a second fjord area that's very popular, but public transportation is very tricky; both long-distance ferries and buses are slow and infrequent, making it a challenge to piece together an itinerary. You might consider renting a car from Balestrands (doable if you plan way ahead, I believe) and using it to see some of the area north of the Sognefjord. You'd probably have to return the car to or near the same place you picked it up, though. Having a car for part of the trip would probably make it easier to find lodging.

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Use google maps and see if this itinerary might work. The scenic drives are the attraction in Norway, not the cities/ towns except for Bergen.
Day 1 Oslo
Day 2 NIN trip Oslo to Bergen
Day 3 Bergen
Day 4 get car, drive Lavik-Sande-FV613- Balestrand 165 miles. Stay in the historic building at Kviknes - not the new wing unless you are nostalgic for your college dorm. You could do Lavik- Balestrand and it is only 135 miles but you would be missing out on a very scenic drive

Day 5 ferry across the fjord- then stop at Hopperstad Stave Church - Voss (lovely waterfall a few miles north of the town) - Voringfossen - Kinsvarik 160 miles

Day 6 same hotel, explore the Hardanger Fjord area
Day 7 return car to Bergen 120 miles