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Tolls and rental cars

We’re renting a car from Hertz, and have been calling them to get the exact scoop on how tolls are collected- no definitive answer yet. We’re concerned due to some bad experiences of others who have rec’d toll bills in the many hundreds of dollars…$900, and not sure why.
I think Hertz uses Plate Pass. How is this different from Auto Pass? Do we have a choice, and does it matter? Are they under the same umbrella, or competitive?
We continue to research, but any help would be SO appreciated!

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Never heard of Plate pass, Autopass is the payment system used for road and ferry tolls in Norway. A car rented in Norway will most likely come with some kind of toll tag.

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Thank you. I think Plate Pass might be a toll collection system specific to Hertz.

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I rented a car last August and it had the toll reader, whatever it was called, built in. It automatically registered tolls from roads and ferries. When I turned the car in, they emailed me the next day with the list of tolls I was charged. It was a very smooth, seamless process. Just drive onto the ferry - didn’t have to stop and figure out how to pay. My car was from Hertz and was a hybrid Toyota that also got great gas mileage!