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Time for connecting in Copenhagen

I am looking at a flight from Bergen Norway to Copenhagen in early June on SAS which only gives me 45 minutes to connect to my SAS flight to London. Is this enough time?

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Yes, that's enough time. Copenhagen Airport is not very big and quite efficient.

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We had similar SAS connection February 2016 except that we were returning from Helsinki (HEL) via CPH to SFO. Our scheduled connect was more generous than yours, a whole 50 minutes. We and checked baggage (including oversize) made the connection.

While we had a scheduled 50 minutes connection, our departure from HEL was about 20 minutes late with the aircraft arriving at the HEL gate a few minutes late and experiencing an additional delay when the aircraft required deicing. To make things more interesting, a traveling companion left a small bag in the CPH "rest room" between our arrival gate and passport control. She realized that she left the bag after we were all at the CPH departure gate having gone through the CPH passport control. She darted back, retrieved her bag, and went back through passport control. She got back before boarding. BTW our CPH to SFO flight departed on time.

SAS' CPH terminals are close and passport control is efficient. If you don't have any reasonable alternative and SAS considers the 45 minutes a "legal connection" go for it. If a black swan event happens and you miss the connection, you are in the hands of SAS.

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I just saw this item and realize it's a few weeks after the original posting but wanted to relay our experience in 2010. We were flying SAS in early July from Stockholm to Washington DC via Copenhagen and had 45 minutes for the connection in CPH (which our travel agent had said would be sufficient). The flight was a few minutes late leaving Stockholm and our arrival and departure gates at CPH were far apart. Plus we were flying to the U.S., not London, which may have meant an additional security check. Bottom line is that 45 minutes was barely enough time even though we literally ran from gate to gate and asked to jump to the head of the line at security. Even if the flight from Stockholm had left on time, it would have been a scramble at CPH.